Shannan Taylor


Shannan is a native Marylander with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and vast experience in the financial services industry. Before coming to IIG, she was a Manager of financial institutions for fifteen (15) years. Her experience entails managing staff, strategic planning, developing implementation plans and timelines, devising budget forecasts, establishing goals and objectives, tracking performance, training, and fostering collaborative relationships with customers and businesses.  Shannan was a trailblazer in the communities in which she served by providing financial literacy to underserved schools, youth programs throughout the City of Baltimore, and adult work programs. She has seen the drought and lack of financial education in some parts of Maryland and senses a need for empowerment through financial education and literacy. For these reasons, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge power and life experiences to influence and aid in the growth and development of humanity. Shannan is confident that her alignment with IIG’s mission will advance IIG’s presence in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.