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Every girl should feel confident making personal financial decisions

Building financial foundations can be…fun! With Invest in Girls, you’ll learn skills you need to make important life decisions–and gain confidence about managing your money.

At Invest in Girls, we’re investing in you

How you earn, spend, save, and think about money is all part of becoming who you are. Learning about student loans, credit cards, budgeting–and more–is key to your success as you move into adulthood.

We are here to start you off with free online and in-person opportunities for awesome girls like you.

Financial Foundations

3-Course Series

Start learning with Invest in Girls and get the knowledge that you deserve. You’ll take these live courses online with a group of high school girls and a dedicated teacher.

Part 1

Be the Chief Financial Officer of Your Life 

In this introductory series of 6 workshops, you will learn the basics of personal finance, including:

  • Creating a budget
  • Using credit cards
  • Understanding interest rates
  • Paying taxes
  • An introduction to careers in finance
This program is for high school students who identify as girls.

Part 2

Be the Chief Investment Officer of Your Life

After completing Part 1, students are invited to participate in another series of 6 workshops to learn the basics of investing, including:

  • Saving vs. investing 
  • Stocks, bonds, and funds 
  • Building an investment portfolio
This program is for high school students who identify as girls and have taken either our CFO course or have completed other financial literacy coursework.

Part 3

Be the Chief Executive Officer of Your Future

Ready for the next step? Topics to be covered in Part 3 will help set you up for success in applying for college, an internship, a job–and a career. Topics include:

  • Interviewing and negotiating skills
  • Presenting yourself in the workplace
  • Building a financial safety net
This program is open to students who have completed Part 1 or Part 2 of the Financial Foundations series and who identify as girls.

Not Sure Where To Start?

We want to make sure you start in the right course for you.

Our “Be the Chief Financial Officer of Your Life” workshop series helps you be confident in saying:

Our “Be the Chief Investment Officer of Your Life” workshop series helps you to be confident saying:

If you feel like you already can answer all of the “CFO” questions, you should try our “CIO” course. If you can answer both sets of these questions, you may want to consider our Exploring Finance workshop series instead.
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Career Access

3 Ways to Connect to Your Future

Exploring Finance

Hey, girls! The world is your oyster, and we know some professionals who are eager to share their pearls of wisdom with you…

The 8-week Exploring Finance course from Invest in Girls is an online program that features professional women in investment banking, corporate finance, portfolio management, venture capital, and more.

These successful women working in the finance industry will showcase what’s possible for you in the world of work.

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Mentorship Program

A great way to gain knowledge, insights, and connections is through the Invest in Girls Mentorship Program.

You are paired up with an amazing woman in finance for monthly conversations throughout the school year. Your mentor has been there and done extraordinarily well. Your conversations might cover:

  • How she became interested in financial services
  • Her course of study in college/graduate school
  • Her early career experiences
  • Approaches to building a network
  • Advice on applying for internships and jobs
  • Guidance on professional etiquette in the workplace
  • Entry-level opportunities in the industry
Applications will open in Summer 2024.

Summer Internships

When opportunity knocks, will you open the door?

Invest in Girls students are invited to observe the inner workings of leading investment and strategic advisory firms while completing an independent research project on the importance of women as professionals in finance.


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Here’s what students have to say about Invest in Girls

“ copy 2

I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence from Invest in Girls and the incredible women I have encountered because of the program.

Julia, IIG Student
“ copy 2

IIG has changed my perspective that finance is something that only men can do. It’s something that young women can do too and being part of this change is important to us.

Celine, IIG Student
“ copy 2

Financial literacy is so important because money is everywhere. It was an amazing feeling to finally understand how things work, and now I think I can explain it myself.

Meelan, IIG Student

Student Competitions

IIG is a program of the Council for Economic Education, who each year hosts national events for teams of high school students who show what they know and compete against their peers across the country in a super-fun way. Give it a try!

National Personal Finance Challenge

Build and demonstrate your knowledge of money management in the National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC). Work with a teacher or coach to enter a team and prepare for your state’s competition. Not only is participating in the NPFC gratifying, it’s a great way to show what you know, have a chance to compete in the national finals, and win cash prizes.

National Economics Challenge

Test your knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and the international economy in the National Economics Challenge (NEC). Work with a teacher or coach to enter a team and prepare for your state’s competition. This team learning activity is like an Olympics for economics with a chance to compete in the national finals and win cash prizes.

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