Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Invest in Girls Mentorship Program is to match you with a woman currently working in the financial services industry. The requirements for mentees are as follows:

– Be an active participant in the Invest in Girls program OR be an Invest in Girls alumna OR a participant of the NPFC or NEC challenges through CEE
– Be a junior or senior in high school OR a freshman in college
– Demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in finance
– Monthly check-ins with your Role Model / Mentor (virtual, phone, in person)
– Monthly Community Meeting with all mentors and mentees
– Fill out a journal after each monthly conversation
– Participate or volunteer to share about your experience via IIG Blog Posts or LinkedIn
– Share Mentorship experience with Program Directors via conference call or email
– Respond to all emails from IIG program directors and your mentor
– Complete monthly projects as assigned

Your Mentor will share:

– How she became interested in financial services
– Her course of study in college/graduate school
– Her early career experiences
– Advice on building a network
– Advice on applying for internships and jobs
– Info on professional etiquette in the field
– Opportunities available in the field
– Host a “Mentee for the Day” at place of employment
– A professional reference at the end of the program

We ask you and your Mentor to remain in contact through June 2023. Relationships may be renewed the following school year if desired.

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